Our Ministry

Our Ministry to the people of Mexico

  • Work with Rhema and 2 additional schools in English consisting of pronunciation and reading and comprehension.

  • Visited and ministered unto the people at the children’s home.

  • Set up teacher conferences for further education of the teachers.

  • Had meeting with the administration of the schools on furthering their program with ABeka curriculum and how they can proceed after we leave.

  • We also taught Bible lessons to the younger children in Rhema.

  • Helped a remote local church gather people and direct them to church for an evening service.

  • Nursing screening of 250 adults and children.

Our Future

We established a relationship with local pastors in the community. This way in the future when we take trips we can work directly with their churches. The idea is to in the future set up seminary modules for the locals there and possibly help or establish Bible Clubs in the community.
While the students were teaching English the third day was directed to mainly present them with the gospel not only by using the verses already memorized that week but also have a clear plan of salvation. Doing this we are able to reach at least 150 students and plant the seed of the gospel in them. There are an undetermined number of souls saved since none of the children approached any of our team members that they made a decision. We do know we planted the truth with them while we were there and we were there to help clear up any questions they had on biblical stances and issues.
We were also able to minister unto the adults along with the children with health screenings at each school. The team of student nurses was able to identify 2 unknown cases of color blindness while assessing the children. They also were able to check the blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels of the adults